• parking
    Parking permits are $25 and the fee must be paid online thru the PS Portal (see link below)
    Students purchasing a parking permit must bring the following items to Ms. Briatico in the main office during LUNCH or ADVISORY PERIOD:
    *completed Authorization Form for Parking (CLICK HERE TO PRINT THIS FORM)
    *copy of receipt for online payment (CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS TO PAY ONLINE)
    *Driver's License
    *Proof of Insurance
    *Vehicle Registration

    Please note: ALL SCHOOL FEES must be paid before students are elligible to purchase a parking permit.

    Students are allowed to drive to school and park on the school campus after obtaining a parking permit and meeting requirements for vehicle registration and insurance. Permits are $25 each. All spaces are first come – first serve no matter of grade level. This excludes the 5 spaces marked as “STUDENT COUNCIL” and the 10 spaces marked with a Mustang logo. Please note:Cell phone use while driving on campus is prohibited.
    Student-drivers are subject to all applicable South Carolina and Aiken County traffic laws and are subject to having their parking permit suspended, revoked or car towed for violations of established traffic laws as well as any of the following:
    • Failure to park in parking lot spaces,
    • Excessive tardies to 1st period (or the first class period of the day),
    • Violations of school rules related to driving and parking on campus,
    • Other violations of school rules as determined by the school administration.
    • Failure to purchase and display MVHS 23-24 parking pass.
    All vehicles on campus are subject to search at any time, therefore students are reminded that the following items are not allowed in vehicles parked or driven on campus at any time: Alcohol, or alcohol containers, Tobacco or tobacco products, E -cigarettes, weapons of any kind to include: firearms, knives, tasers, pepper spray, mace, or other items that may be used as weapons,and ammunition of any kind