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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education from Virginia Tech Master of Science in Agricultural Education from the University of Tennessee Educational Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership from Arkansas State University

Mr. Mann

  1. When I was getting my undergraduate degree, I had an assignment to write my personal philosophy of teaching. It was learning by doing, and teaching skills that were practical and important for a specific career.
  2. I learned that understanding your students individually and intricately is as important as the subject. 
  3. I am an academic minded teacher who instructs in a career and technical field. 
  4. I expect students to get a deep knowledge of facts and underlying premises, be able to analyze the subject and pull it apart, and use the knowledge to accomplish a hands-on task. 
  5. As I achieve these steps, students individual learning styles and emotional responses are important. 
  6. Students will not learn nearly as much if they walk out each day exclaiming “I hate school”. 
  7. If I were ever to be called an outstanding teacher, I hope it would be because I am good at constructing an atmosphere where students learned and when asked about their experience, said “It wasn’t that bad”. 
  8. Learning is difficult, extremely difficult for a large percentage of our population today. 
  9. I am not always “Mr. Fun”, but I work very hard to make things bearable, almost always interesting, and sometimes downright fun. 
  10. I find great reward when I am able to recognize or someone else recognizes a student for an accomplishment, especially when I know that the accomplishment came as a result of hard work, and extenuating circumstances.