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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Biology University of the Philippines - Manila Teacher Training Program Philippine Normal University Master in Education Major in Science (On-going) South Carolina Certified Science Teacher Licensed Professional Teacher - Philippines

Mr. Romnick M. Cajigal

Mr. Cajigal, or Mr. C, graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of the Philippines – Manila and his teacher training certificate was acquired from the Philippine Normal University. His fascination for exploration and scientific research was sowed during his Manila Science High School days wherein at a young age he was exposed to valuable contributions of science and technology in improving the lives of people. After gaining experience in research through his stint at the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute, he decided to pursue the teaching profession. Mister C has been teaching for many years now, facilitating the effective acquisition of knowledge of his students in the fields of Physical Sciences and Biology which has brought him to places outside of his home country the Philippines to the USA, Indonesia, Germany, and Lithuania. His various travels gave him the opportunity to experience various cultures and to live the international education aspiration of becoming a citizen of the world.

Mr. Cajigal strongly believes that effective education is a result of harmonious and positive home–school collaboration, and that each learner is a unique individual with diverse needs.