No signouts will be permitted after 3:00 pm

    If a student needs to leave school early, a family representative must present proper identification to sign out the student in person.
    We do not currently allow written, email, or telephone requests.

    Deliveries of food, balloons, and flowers will not be accepted by the school for students, nor should students have these items in our building or on buses. This includes food deliveries and food brought to the school from any outside vendors (fast food may not be dropped off for students during the school day) 

    all excuses to be emailed to:   mvhsattendance@acpsd.net  or  faxed to:  803-593-7106

    Student Absences and Excuses - Any student who is absent from school must present a written excuse
    signed by his/her parent or legal guardian or an email to the attendance clerk or principal.

    For detailed information on our attendance policy go to MVHS Student Handbook