Phone: (803)768-5540


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors in Early Childhood Education from USCA. Certified Teacher in the Early Childhood concentration.

Ms. Ashley Daniels

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Class newsletter

I’m Ms. Daniels and I am SO excited to get to know you and your child!

In the classroom:

I am a teacher who is always looking for creative ways to engage students! School isn’t about grades-It is about improvement and learning the knowledge needed to be college/career/LIFE ready. I believe that every student has their strengths and if we all work together as a team, parent-teacher-student, then we can help support the foundation that every student has to be an intelligent, successful, and well-rounded person!


I hold my students to high expectations and value independence as well as teaching responsibility and honesty to my students. I believe kindness, respect and compassion towards others is a huge important part of working as a team and growing as a person. My students will always know the choices they make are their own, and the greatness that comes out of them is up to them! Fostering this responsibility, it is also important that work assigned in the classroom is done in the time provided, as extra time in the day is rare, and we want to keep it moving while doing our best! Anything not completed in class will result in homework. Whatever they work hard for they will grow in and get better at! Classroom jobs are at the root of the function of a classroom and every student will have a responsibility in the classroom that allows them to participate and contribute to their classroom environment. 

About me / Fun facts:

  • I have an intense passion and respect for the ocean, nature, animals, and doing my part for the environment however I can.
  • I enjoy baking, but do not like sweets that much!
  • I also love exotic animals and love to have them as pets! (I have a hedgehog named lil' man!)
  • I enjoy drawing, organizing, crafting, and playing video games occasionally in my spare time.
  • I am recently engaged!