•                                                               The hidden “GEM” of Aiken County Public Schools 

     Greendale, established in 1955, is the only school located in the city limits of the tight-knit community of “New” Ellenton.  New Ellenton originally just Ellenton, was a small farming community settled in the 1800’s. In 1950, President Harry Truman expanded the atomic energy program, building what is now the Savannah River Site.  The location of SRS caused the relocation of over 6,000 people into surrounding areas. The residents of Ellenton literally moved their homes and buildings 14 miles north to form the town of New Ellenton. The pride and perseverance of the community has aided Greendale in developing strong bonds with community partners.  Greendale's relationships with New Ellenton’s first responders, law enforcement, local churches and The Cedar Creek Ladies Club have helped to establish long-lasting programs such as fire safety, after-school programs, reading and math enrichment, and much more!