Another School Year has Ended!

  •  Time runs fast! Another school year is coming to an end. My students are ready to face a new world and challenges in their new school as they are all going into 7th grade.  Saying goodbye is hard after spending a whole year working together to achieve their goals in different areas of learning.  With all the effort and time, my students dole out this year to accomplish the easiest goal to the hardest goal.  I want to tell them,  "I am proud of you."  May you continue to give your best self toward success. 

    Despite this farewell, we are all saying hello to Summer. Everyone is looking forward to the summer break to refresh our minds and regain energy. Here I am,  as an International Teacher. I am starting my 2nd  summer journey, traveling to the East Coast. This trip is not only for fun, but also to continue my learning about US culture. I will be exploring the 13 colonies in US history, which makes this summer more special to me.

    I will also make sure that before I welcome my new batch of students for the year 2023-2024, I, myself, make extra preparations. I will be attending courses that enhance my teaching skills in a more innovative way that my students and I will enjoy. 

    To everyone, have a great summer!