Grateful Heart

  • Before I start my summer break, I would like to thank everyone who became a part of my first-year journey in the US of A as an exchange teacher from the Philippines. The school administrators and my colleagues have been so supportive since my first day at Aiken Intermediate School. I salute them for all the assistance they have given me. Thank you to all the parents who entrusted their loving daughters and sons to me. Your hard work and commitment toward your child will always be appreciated. Thank you to all my students for allowing me to be part of your learning journey. Always remember, there is no easy way toward success. It needs effort, time, and courage to go out of your comfort zone for you to see your real abilities in learning and in life. Now, that you are moving up to the next level, I am one of those who are so proud of you for all your achievements this school year.

    Now, let me share my plan for the upcoming summer break. I will be flying to Las Vegas and California to spend time with my relatives and explore the diverse landscapes of Arizona.  Since it will be my first time stepping onto the land of the Pacific coast,  I will make sure that I will make good memories of these places and have a blast!  Of course, my summer break will not stop there.   I will also engage myself with more learning opportunities. There is so much professional learning being lined up for all of us teachers this summer in preparation for the forthcoming school year 2022-2023. I am so excited to share all of these with my new set of students this fall.  There are always reasons why you look forward to going back to school, and for me, the "First day of school" is one of them, when everyone is back on campus,  and finally seeing the people that you missed and are so excited about meeting new faces.