Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Isabella Pop

Hello!! My name is Mrs. Isabelle Pop and I am so excited to join Gloverville Elementary as a Resource Teacher. I am from Romania which is a country in Eastern Europe. In Romania I live and work in Transylvania. Everybody has heard about Transylvania! It is a famous region for the legend of Count Dracula! Well, it is just a legend! Each country has its own legends…

In my country I work as a school counselor. I have a bachelor degree in Special Education and Counseling. I also have two master degrees in Management. Many years ago, I worked as a resource teacher at Aiken High School. This year I have returned to South Carolina for another international teaching experience because I missed very much the smiley faces and the beautiful places!

In my spare time I love reading and, of course, traveling. I am blessed with an amazing family. My husband is an electrical engineer and he works most of his time in France. Both of us like travelling and we are ready for the American experience. It looks to me like a privilege to return to Aiken County to join and serve Gloverville Elementary.

I love to work with children and I like to see them grow. I try to create for the children I work with a place where they are cared for, loved, and safe. The resource program is designed to encourage and build every student’s interest in learning and understanding, so they can achieve growth in each academic area.

Let's make this a great year together!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me via email: