• SUMMER SCHOOL 2022 -   Summer School and Attendance Recovery will be from June 6th to 30th, 8:45 AM – 3:30 PM, Monday-Thursday.  Any student needing to attend Summer School needs to fill out a pre-registration form in order to hold a seat.  The form can be found here.   Parents will receive their child's enrollment form after May 27th.  Only students currently enrolled at NAHS can attend NAHS Summer School.  Seats are limited and only those students who have pre-registered will be allowed to attend summer school or attendance recovery.

    Parents who have students who need bus transportation need to request this on their Parent Portal.  The request must be made by May 30th.  Please indicate June 6th as the date transportation is needed.  

    NAHS Summer Guidelines and Expectations

    · Time Expectations: 8:45 AM–3:30 PM beginning June 6th until completion. The final date is June 30th.

    · Bus Transportation: Complete Parent Portal transportation form. All transportation questions are handled by the Area 2 Transportation Supervisor Christina Mathis (803) 593-7201; Option 2.

    · Lunch and Breakfast is provided by cafeteria. To eat breakfast, students should arrive before 8:45. Students may bring a packed lunch and snacks. No open food or drinks in the computer lab. Students cannot leave campus during the school day. Fast food deliveries will not be accepted.

    · Attendance: Students who sign up for summer school are expected to attend every day for the entire time until the coursework is completed. Students who fail to attend will be dropped from the program and not receive credit. Students can only have absences excused in advance by Mrs. Noland.

    · No cell phone use in computer lab.

    · Student Drivers should use the Champions’ Drive main office entrance (not the entrance for the Jacket Stadium) and park in the parking lot behind the main office.

    · Car riders should use the Champions’ Drive main office entrance (not the entrance for the Jacket Stadium) and drop off/pick up as directed by school personnel in the parking lot behind the main office.


    Initial Credit Course: This is an option for students who failed a class with lower than a 50 for the year. Initial credit courses will receive the actual grade earned through completion. Initial credit courses will be assigned a certified teacher to assist the student with the coursework. Students can sign up for only one APEX Initial Credit course at a time. Initial credit courses are not guaranteed, course availability is based upon enrollment.

    Credit Recovery: Credit recovery is an opportunity for students who scored between a 50 and 59 in a core content class, to earn a 60 in place of their failing grade. Students will be enrolled in one course at a time. Credit Recovery courses do not require EOC testing. Credit Recovery courses are not recognized by NCAA.

    Attendance Recovery: This is for students who passed the course but have more than 10 unexcused absences. Time is calculated on an hour-by-hour basis per class.


    In order to earn credit, the student must demonstrate at least 60% proficiency in the course. The student also must complete all assigned units. The student will abide by the student code of conduct while enrolled in the online course. If the student fails to abide by the student code of conduct, the student may be removed from the program. All communications must be appropriate as all can be retrieved and printed by the instructor at any time and in accordance with the Internet Acceptable Use Policy. The student will complete all assignments in accordance with the scheduled due dates. The student understands that the course must be completed no later than the end date for the term. The student understands that all assessments (tests, mid-term, final, etc) must be taken in a proctored setting by either the instructor or a designated staff member. Courses do not meet compliance with NCAA.


    For more information about Summer School, please view the video linked below.  If you have any questions, please contact your student's Guidance Counselor.  Summer School forms will be availble mid-May 2022. 

    Summer School 2022