• Let me tell you what my teaching philosophy is all about. First off I believe that One is "called" to be a teacher. Not one teacher is here for the fame and fortune. It is a feeling inside that is who we are. It is who I am. 

    I love teaching Kindergarten. It truly is like a garden freshly planted in the springtime when the children arrive in August. It is so exciting to "plant" the beautiful little seedlings into the perfectly fertilized soil (introduce the students into the newly cleaned and updated classroom). You are ever so careful to shade the seedlings from the harsh sun and heat ( you protect and love the children like they were your very own), but make sure they do get the proper amount of healthy sunshine to grow big and strong (the students do need to take some "heat" to grow and mature throughout the school year). You water them daily (read to them, write with them, sing with them). You carefully pull the weeds (protect them from bullies or keep their health and safety foremost in mind). You sit back and watch them grow stronger and stronger and more sturdy day by day (you set a path of learning for each child that is reachable and guide them along the way). At the end of the season, your garden has made a difference to all that have encountered it (by the end of the school year, each child in the class, although unique, makes this class a beautiful place to be because they were part of this group of learners that were cared for and loved by their teacher)





    We are a class of _______ this year.  We come from Warrenville, Graniteville, and Beech Island, and Aiken. We have children that ride the green bus, the orange bus and the purple bus. We have many children that ride home in a car or a truck.We have children that go to our after school program Quest Zone.  Some of our children went to 4K at Warrenville Elementary last year, others went to a learning center, some went to Head Start, some went to day care, and some got to be home with their family a little bit longer. Some of us brought a lunch box to school for the very first time or carried a lunch tray for the very first time. We are all diverse and very unique. Gosh, some of us got to drink from a water fountain for the first time today!!! How cool is that?

    School Time! Car Line lunch Time

    Kindergarten Family, we have 180 days together this year. Your child will read, read, read. They will read to me. They will read to you. They will read to each other. They will read to themselves. The same goes for writing. We will write every day. Several times a day. Not like the "big kids" do, but the way kindergarten children do. We start at the very beginning and learn by going from stepping stone to stepping stone. We are building a strong foundation for years and years of education to build upon. How very exciting for me to be part of this adventure with your child. It is my honor. The same goes for math, science, and social studies. In Kindergarten...it is all exciting!

    I am looking forward to a VERY exciting year with each of you and your children that makes up this beautiful Kindergarten Family.

Classroom Wish List

  • Classroom Wish List


    • Sanitizing wipes
    • Zip-lock style bags (any size)
    • white paper plates (any size)                                            
    • napkins (used for snack time)
    • 3 oz. paper cups/plastic cups (used for snack time)
    • bulk snack items (Goldfish, Froot Loops, Pretzels...)
    • cans of shaving cream (writing fun)
    • craft items (wiggle eyes, craft sticks, glitter glue, magnets)
    • Little candy in bulk bags (M & M's, gummy bears, jelly beans)
    • bags of white rice (sensory bins)
    • Art Smock: one of your old shirts to wear during messy activities

    *All of these items are "wish list" items. Maybe you might see one of these things on sale and think...Mrs. Johnson would love this!

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