• Below you can find information about our classroom rules, routines, and procedures. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and/or concerns.

    Reading/Writing: We will be doing an hour of reading and an hour of writing every single day. Our different skills will be incorporated into these blocks of time. There will be a skills test at the end of each week, as well as a “running record” taken at various times throughout each quarter. For a running record, a book or passage will be selected that is on grade level for that time of the school year. Every student will read the same book. An average (grade) will be taken based on how many words your child missed in the story. This will give us an “accuracy” reading grade for your child.

     We will do a daily dictation sentence in our agendas. I will call out a sentence using our weekly vocabulary words as well as other sight words our class needs to work on. I will circle any misspelled words and give the student a chance to correct the word before writing the sentence for everyone to see and compare. This will allow me to see what sight words and word families our class needs to work on.

     Math:  We will complete a math lesson every day. We will have a math test weekly (not necessarily Friday) based on the skills taught. 

     Science/Social Studies:  These subjects will be covered in class daily.  There will not be any tests or homework requirements.

     Spelling: Spelling words can be found in your child’s agenda on the homework sheet. These words will be tested on Friday for spelling accuracy. There will also be two dictation sentences using these weekly sight words and other sight words we have had already.  This will be recorded as a Language Arts grade.

     Homework: Your child will bring home a homework folder and agenda daily.  There will be a homework sheet for the week stapled inside the agenda explaining the week’s homework. 

    Math: We will complete a math lesson every day.  A math homework sheet will go home each night. This sheet will be based on the lesson we did that day in class. I will NEVER send home homework on something I have not taught. We will have a math test weekly (not necessarily on a Friday) on these skills.

    Reading: Your child will have a small take-home book on his/her reading level every night (except Friday). It is so important that your child reads this book to someone. After he/she has read the book to you (or a grandparent, older sibling, etc.), please write the title of the book on the book log located in the front of your child’s folder. It is imperative that your child read the small books nightly. Readers become good readers by practicing EVERY DAY

    Please make sure you check the homework folder and agenda daily for any additional information being sent home.  There is no homework on Friday.

    Grades and Progress Reports:  I will send graded test papers home every Tuesday from the Friday before.  You may keep these tests. However, if your child is not passing, I will request that you sign the test papers and return them to me so I can keep them for my records. I will try to inform you daily of your child’s behavior by placing a smile or frowny face in the agenda.  I will let you know of any problems as well by writing in the agenda.  Please feel free to use the agenda as a means of communication.  Every 4½ weeks, an interim report will be sent home informing you of your child’s current grade average.  This will need to be signed and returned.

    Discipline:  Each child has a marble bucket.  I give marbles for good behavior and may take marbles for wrong behavior.  After a child has earned 15 marbles, he/she can “buy” something out of our treasure box. 

    Please feel free to call or email me with any questions or concerns throughout the school year. I am very excited about this year, and I am looking forward to getting to spend the day with your baby. 

    Thank you,
    Mrs. Bacon

    My contact information:
    School: (803) 663-4270


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