• Class will begin each day at 7:30.  Please have your child here on time--our morning routine is important as students will prepare for their day.  After unpacking, students will complete morning work, reviewing skills already taught.  Students will watch the morning news and listen to announcements.  

    Homework should not take much more than 30 minutes each day.  I know that many students have additional activities to attend in the afternoons/evenings. However, the homework given will reinforce the skills students learn each day.  Students will usually have spelling, math, and should read 15 minutes each night. When students have a test the next day, they will also have a study guide or practice test to make sure they are prepared. 

    Our class will use a positive behavior program this year.  Students will receive rewards for good behavior and following school rules.  Rewards may be visits to a treasure box, having lunch with a friend, wearing a cap/hat all day, etc.  Our class will be reviewing rules for our classroom, the hallway, bathrooms, and lunchroom every week.  Following the rules will make our classroom schedule run smoothly each day.  I encourage you to talk with your child about the rules and behavior.


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