• Weeks of January 6 - January 31

     We finish Theme 4 in The Big Day which focuses on Awesome Animals. 

    We will move onto Theme 5 in THe Big Day which focises on using imagination and creativity to shape our world.

    Below is the family letter that should help you understand a little better what we are doing in class.



    Dear Families,

    “Imagine It, Make It” is the title of our new theme, which is an exploration of imagination and creativity.

    Children will share their feelings and ideas through art, dance, dramatic play, building, and music—all of which are important

    aspects of your child’s development. Here are a few ideas you can use to encourage art appreciation and creative expression at home. 

    Listen to different types of music with your child and talk about how the music makes both of you feel. 

    Set up a large pad of drawing paper with crayons, markers, chalk or paint so your child can create artwork. You can also use brown paper sacks

    from the grocery store for children to draw on.  Help your child make up imaginative “Once upon a time” stories. 

    Hang up a sheet for a stage curtain and have your child put on a play with friends or siblings.

    We will also encourage children to take initiative during the theme. This will help them develop the life skill of being willing and eager

    to try new things.

    Sing, move, draw, paint, build, and make music with your child! Con 












  • The PTO chocolate fundraiser will begin on Thursday, January 9 and go through Thursday, January 23.  

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