•  Some important school information:

    Students cannot be dropped off before 7am.  

    All car riders must be dropped off in the back parking lot off Henery Street. 

    It is dangerous to drop them off on side streets and in the front parking areas. 

    Please follow the rules so that all students are safe.

    Buses, Daycares, and SPEC students are the only students to use the front parking lot.

    Please do not park on side streets and walk to the school.



    Starts at 2:30

    Walkers must have a walker pass.

    Car riders need to have a piece of paper on your dash with your child's name and grade level so we can call them as quickly as possible.

    Behavior Expectation:

    Children are to follow all schools rules.  They are able to earn DOJO points each day for good behavior.

    The points will be totaled at the end of the 9 weeks and those with the required amounts will be invited to the DOJO Good Behavior Party.

    I will keep intouch with you using the DOJO program.  Make sure to message me if you have any questions.   


    Kindergarten course syllabus:

    *Students will be able to identify and name all upper and lowercse leters in the alphabet.

    *Students will be able to produce all consonant sounds and both short ad long vowel sounds.

    *Students will be able to read a level D book with at least 95% accuracy.

    *Students will be qble to count to 100 by ones and tens.

    *Students will be able to add fluently within 5.

    *Students will be able to subtract fluently within 5.

    *Students will be able to write/draw/dictate on topic.

    *Students will beable to read al 63 high frequency words.

    *Studnets will be able to write phonetically.



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