Ridge Spring-Monetta Elementary School

Achieving Excellence

  • Raising achievement                            RSM Vision:   To increase student achievment by

    Setting standards                                              implementing a rigorous and engaging curriculum.  

    Motivating excellence                                                    

    Empowering each other

    Striving for success


  • Collecting Distance Learning Packets & Phase 2 Pick-Up
    •Phase 1 of the Distance Learning Packets are due on Tuesday, April 14th.
    •Parents/students have the following options for turning in packets from Phase 1:
             1. Parents may drop off learning packets when they pick up new packets on Tuesday, April 14th from
                 10:00 am - 7:00 pm.
             2. Parents/students may take pictures of assignments and submit them via email to their child’s teacher.
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  • Important Information from Mrs. Pereira, RSM School Counselor

    Parents  - Please help your children at RSM El. take a quick survey.  I'd love to hear from my students and see how they're doing!  Here's the link:  

    I'm Feeling

    Parents - I hope everyone is staying healthy and busy.  Hang in there!  I found a video to help explain COVID-19 to younger children, so if your kiddos have lots of questions, watch this with them.  It may also help you learn how to explain it to the older kids in your household:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPsY-jLqaXM&feature=youtu.be

    Looking for something to do with your children to help grow their self-awareness and self-worth?  Try this link with daily suggestions for kids of all ages:

    1. Mrs. Pereira, RSM School Counselor, is checking email daily.  If you have a need during this or at any other time, please email her at kcarges@acpsd.net and she will be sure to get back with you in a timely manner.  Stay safe!
    2. If you have an urgent need please call HelpLine at 211.  This is an excellent referral service that can point you in the right direction for help, no matter what area you reside in.  They can provide information on help with food, utilities, health care, housing, and so much more.

    All locations of Aiken-Barnwell Mental Health Center changed operations to help keep patients, staff, and our community healthy and prevent further spread of the COVID-19 virus.

    The information listed below is on their Facebook page and webpage.  Here is what it means for their patients.

    ·        If you have a routine (scheduled) appointment, a member of our staff will call you to discuss options for your current needs- either by phone or possibly secure video- so that you will not need to come in person. Staff will explain how telephone and telehealth visits work.

    ·        If you have an appointment by phone or telehealth, your information will be secure and private, just as with an in-person visit.

    ·        We will remain open for emergencies, and to provide scheduled injections.

    ·        If you are not sure when your next appointment is or have general questions, PLEASE CALL AND TALK TO STAFF, DO NOT COME TO THE CENTER.

    ·        Our Assessment Mobile Crisis/CCRI Team staff will continue to respond to crises in the community.  To reach your local team, call 1-833-364-2274.

    Please note, the North Augusta clinic is not open at this time.  We will be seeing all Aiken County residents at the Main Office, 1135 Gregg Hwy, Aiken, SC.  They have established a triage area in the back of the main office where RNs will screen patients prior to being seen by a clinician.  As noted above, they're attempting to do the majority of their services via telephone and telehealth.  This includes services provided by the clinicians, nurses and psychiatrists. Patients receiving injectable meds will be seen on site at both Aiken and Barnwell offices. They are accepting new patients. They ask that you call and a trained mental health professional will assess via phone.  Please do not hesitate to contact the Clinical Director, Bianca Otterbein at 803-508-7862 should you have questions.  


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    Aiken County Public Schools has been granted a waiver to distribute multiple days of meals to students. We are grateful to our dedicated team and know that delivering multiple days of meals at once will allow for a much-needed break for employees.

    Tuesday, March 31, two breakfast and two lunch meals will be available for pick up at all schools and will be delivered along regular bus routes. Tuesday's distribution will cover student meals through Thursday morning’s breakfast.

    There will be no food distribution on Wednesday, April 1 as our staff will be preparing meals for the remainder of the week and Spring Break.

    On Thursday, April 2, two breakfast and two lunch meals will be available for pick up at all schools and will be delivered along regular bus routes.

    On Friday, April 3, meals for students for the week of Spring Break will be available at central grab-and-go school site locations between the hours of 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. No bus deliveries will be made. Families wanting student meals during the Spring Break holiday are urged to pick up those meals on Friday between 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. at one of the following locations: Aiken High School, Kennedy Middle School, North Augusta High School, Midland Valley High School, Graniteville Elementary School, AL Corbett Middle School, Ridge Spring-Monetta High School, or Silver Bluff High School.

    As with all food distribution during this closure, the child or children should be present.  

    We thank you in advance for planning ahead to pick up or be delivered food on Tuesday and Thursday and to pick up your food for Spring Break on Friday at the designated food distribution sites.

    Parents can call this number to ask about food being delivery:  803-593-7201
    Busses aren't stopping at every house; only at certain bus stops. 

    RSM Elem, RSM Middle, RSM High Lunch Drop Off Locations and Times

    (Times are when the bus is estimated to be on a particular street/rd., some roads have multiple stops.)

    Bus 1/12
    Westview Dr. (11:00), Hwy. 39/ John Rodgers Rd. (11:15), Sumter School Rd. (11:25), Speigner Rd./ Bison Rd. (11:35), Richland Creek Rd. (11:45), Spann Rd. (11:55), Neighbor Rd. (12:15), 2219 Ridge Spring Hwy. (Hwy.39) (12:25), Padgett Pond Rd. (12:30), Pecan Grove Rd. (12:40)

    Bus 2/14
    Wire Rd. (11:00), Fox Rd. / Marmalade Ln. (11:10), Grady Williams Rd. (11:20), 1398 Old Shoals Rd. (11:30), Paul Rd. (11:45), Sawyer Rd. (11:50), Plain St. (12:05), 810 Hwy. 39 (12:15), Carolina Bay Trail (12:25), Abney Rd. (12:35), Mt. Pleasant Rd. / Alberta Peach Rd. (12:45), 223 Old Shoals Rd. (12:50)

    Bus 3/6/12
    Daniel Ave. (11:00), Duncan Rd. (11:07), Oakdale Rd. (11:17), 1636 Hwy. 23 (11:30), Pat’s View Loop (11:40), Beech Creek Rd. (11:45), Driftwood Ln. (11:55), Stretch Rd. (12:00), Bamberg Ln. (12:10), Mt. Alpha Rd. (12:20), Bodie Rd. (12:30), West Main St. (12:40), Boatwright St. (12:50), Norris Brooks Rd. (12:55), Rankin Rd. / Bussey Rd. (1:05)

    Bus 4
    Kneece Mill Rd. (11:00), Wallace St. (11:10), North St. (11:25), Fallaw Rd. (11:35), Wheeler Rd. (11:45), Blue Poppy Rd. (11:55), Henry Smith Rd. / Born Again Rd. (12:05), 212 Fallaw Rd. (12:15), 131 Old 96 Indian Trail Rd. (12:25), Old 96 Indian Trail Rd. / Pine Circle (12:30), Old 96 Indian Trail Rd. / Wayne Ct. (12:35), 76 Old 96 Indian Trail Rd. (12:40)

    Bus 5
    Wire Rd. (11:15), Holder Rd. (11:25), Hadden Rd. (11:35), Fishhook Rd. / Holder Rd. (11:45), Huckberry Finn Rd. (11:55), Thunder Rd. (12:00), Gooseplatter Rd. (12:10), Barefoot Rd (12:15), 918 Huckleberry Finn Rd. (12:20), 1070 Huckleberry Finn Rd. (12:30), 1025 Huckleberry Finn Rd. (12:35), 163 Huckleberry Finn Rd. (12:45), 404 Old 96 Indian Trail (12:55)

    Bus 7/9
    Keys Pond Rd. (11:00), 224 Cumbee Trail Rd. (11:15), Old Four Notch Rd. (11:25), 1035 Keys Pond Rd. (11:35) Cummings Rd. (11:45), 936 Mt. Calvary Rd. (11:55), Archie Ware Rd. (12:00), Scrub Oak Rd. (12:10), 171 Archie Ware Rd. (12:20), Bogeyville Rd. (12:15), 3853 Columbia Hwy. N. (12:25), 4016 Columbia Hwy. N. (12:35), 4094 Columbia Hwy. N. (12:45), 4305 Columbia Hwy. N. (12:50), Winding Trail Rd. (12:55), Columbia Hwy. N. / Chokeberry Ln. (1:00), 198 Ridgewood Farm Rd. (1:15)

    Bus 8
    Carven Rd. (11:00), Kirkland St. (11:10), Old Chalk Bed Rd. (11:20), Holley Pond Rd. (11:30), Ready Pond Rd. (11:40), Migrant Camp Rd. (11:50), Hutto Pond Rd. (12:05), Holley Pond Rd. (12:10), Gooseplatter Rd. (12:20), Three Notch Rd. (12:35), Jody Ln. (12:45),

    Bus 10
    Wire Rd. (11:15), Hutto Pond Rd. (11:25), Titantic Rd. (11:30), 743 Hutto Pond Rd. (11:40), Kedron Church Rd. (11:45), 3040 Tiger Ln. (11:50), 874 Kedron Church Rd. (11:55), Sandy Spring Rd. / Maria Ln. (12:00), 926 Kedron Church Rd. (12:05), 795 Old 96 Indian Trail (12:20), 775 Old 96 Indian Trail (12:25)

    Bus 11
    Vanest Rd. (11:15), Cobblestone Rd. (11:25), Whispering Pine Rd. / Lott Rd. (11:35), Cobblestone Rd. / Cecilia Ln. (11:45), Pitts Branch Rd. (12:00), Old Four Notch Rd. (12:10), R.W. Dubose Rd. / Anderson Rd. (12:25)

    Bus 13
    3092 Hwy. 23 (11:00), Hwy. 23 / Woodside Dr. (11:10), Chinquapin Rd. (11:25), Watsonia Rd. (11:40), Peach Orchard Rd. / Watson Pond Rd. (11:50), Columbia Hwy. N. (12:05), Academy St. (12:15), Main St. Monetta, SC / Mathias St. (12:25), Columbia Hwy. N. / Harris St. (12:35)


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    In conversation with our State Superintendent of Education, Aiken County Public Schools learned today of the Governor’s decision that schools will remain closed through April 30. We understand that this announcement will continue to create a great challenge for our students, their families, teachers and staff, as we continue to try to keep children engaged in learning and provide essential nutritional services.

    Details will follow on plans to continue Distance Learning in Aiken County throughout this closure. Our Curriculum Team is working at this time to plan student engagement activities, in collaboration with teachers. We recognize that this is a difficult time for our families and community and urge you to focus on the health and emotional well-being of yourselves and your children first. Our team of counselors will be announcing opportunities for virtual services and support to assist parents and guardians in discussing COVID-19 with your children and supporting their emotional needs.

    Please know that our first goal is the physical and emotional health of our community. We encourage families to make that their highest priority as well.


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  • Updated page for Counseling and Career Services   https://www.acpsd.net/Domain/8149

     It contains the following information and is updated daily with new resources:

     -How to talk to your child about COVID-19 (articles, books, etc.)

    -Updated information, operating hours, procedures for accessing local mental health centers

    -AP, ACT, and SAT updates

    -Class of 2020 reminders (FAFSA, etc.)

    -SEL Activities to do at home

    -Tips for managing stress and anxiety

    -Career Resources to do at home

    -Virtual college tour sites

    -Free online tutoring resource


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  • PREPARE FOR FAMILY EMERGENCIES WITH SMART911 - We are fortunate in Aiken County to have access to a free service called SMART911. The service allows families to register their homes and occupants for the purpose of providing law enforcement and first responders with immediate access to life-saving information in the event of a call for help to 911. During an actual emergency, first responders will have this vital information relayed to them before they arrive. Signing up is fast, easy, and free! Click HERE to view the SMART911 flyer for some great safety tips for students, or visit online at www.smart911.com for more information.

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  • The Quest Zone is an exciting, innovative afterschool program you & your child will love! We’re conveniently located in a safe, familiar environment – your school!  With daily homework help and extended learning time, we’ll keep your student engaged and having fun after the school day ends. Registration is FREE and space is limited. Visit thequestzone.com to register today!      https://thequestzone.com/


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