• Mathematical Overaching Concepts and Students Outcomes:

    • Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
    • Reason both contextually and abstractly.
    • Use critical thinking skills to justify mathematical reasoning and critique the reasoning of others.
    • Connect mathematical ideas and real-world situations through modeling.
    • Use a variety of mathematical tools effectively and strategically.
    • Communicate mathematically and approach mathematical situations with precision.
    • Identify and utilize structure and patterns.


    Course Outline:

    Quarter 1: The Number System: Rationa and Irrational Numbers, Laws of Exponents; Data Statistics and Probability: Matrices

    Quarter 2: Expressions, Equations, Inequalities, Linear and non-Linear Functions

    Quarter 3:  Systems of Equations, Geometry: Congruence, Similarities, Pythagorean Theorem and Transformation

    Quarter 4:  Geometry: Volume, Surface Area, Data: Two-way Tables, Scatter Plots  


    Quarter I Benchmark Test will assess: Rational and Irrationals Numbers, Estimating and Comparing Irrational Numbers, Conversion of decimals, fractions, and percent, Laws of Exponents and Scientific Notation.

    Quarter II Benchmarks Test will assess: Proportions, linear equations and inequalities, slopes with similar triangeles, functions, and linear and non-linear functions. 

    Quarter III Benchmark Test will assess: transformations, congruent figures, Pythagorean Theorem, distance formula, volume, and surface areas of geometric shapes.

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