• North Aiken Elementary School’s Social Emotional Learning (SEL) platform is Capturing Kids’ Hearts. This aligns with our vision statement: The children are the HEART of North Aiken and together we learn, grow, and excel. The teachers and staff use the EXCEL model daily to capture the hearts of the students at NAiES.

    • Engage: Meet and greet students
    • Xplore: Discovering the individual’s needs
    • Communicate: That we care and make message relevant
    • Empower: My teaching becomes their doing
    • Launch: Meaningful ending and sending


    Each month we will have lessons and activities that align with our theme.


    July/August – Building relationships

    September – Empathy

    October – Self-Direct

    November – Teamwork

    December – Responsibility

    January – Respect

    February – Kindness

    March – Courage

    April – Perseverance

    May – Integrity


    Questions we use for student misbehavior:

    1. What are you doing?
    2. What are you supposed to be doing?
    3. Are you doing it?
    4. What are you going to do about it?

    October Winners: Self-Direct

    4K – Azariah Gartrell

    5K – Marcus Bowman

    1st Grade – Brennlen Wilkes

    2nd Grade – Nevaeh Perry

    3rd Grade – JaNiya Foxworth

    4th Grade – Da’marion Posey

    5th Grade – Jaden Stewart

    November Winners: Teamwork

    4K – Amina Brightwell

    5K – James Flores

    1st Grade – Naomi Cunningham

    2nd Grade – Jacob Spires

    3rd Grade – Ky’mon Graham

    4th Grade – Noelle Williams

    5th Grade – Davieon Mathis

    December Winners: Responsibility

    4K – Arihya Rouse

    5K – Zayden Priester

    1st Grade – Keira Gary

    2nd Grade – Jacob Spires

    3rd Grade – Noah Johnson

    4th Grade – Jade Washington

    5th Grade – Zenobia Thomas

    January Winners: Respect

    4K – Major Raiford

    5K – Saniya Tyler

    1st Grade – Jacob Campbell

    2nd Grade – Henry Garcia

    3rd Grade – Hen'naya Mclean

    4th Grade – Jordyn Johnson

    5th Grade – McKinzie Morgan