• Read180 Universal and System44 is a reading intervention program for students who are below grade level in reading (as indicated using criteria such as the MAP test).  This program uses Lexile Framework, a system that evaluates both reading ability and text difficulty. Students enrolled in Read180 or System44 are pulled out for one hour of reading intervention each day. The program’s 40-50 minute class consists of teacher-led small group instruction, and instructional software. Students can show tremendous growth on MAP tests, benchmark tests, and ELA grades with the help of this program.

    A student must be on their best behavior in order to maximize their success in this program. Parents will be notified of misbehavior through email, phone call, and/or note home. If a student constantly misbehaves, they may be removed from Read180 or System44.


    System44 ~ Read180 Classroom Expectations:

    Instructional Software (20 -25 min):

    • Log into the computer quickly.
    • Work on the computer independently and quietly without distracting others.
    • Use materials (keyboard, microphone, monitor, headphones, mouse) carefully.
    • Work on the software for at least 15 min. a day.

    Small Group Instruction with Ms. Meade (20 - 25 min):

    • On time.
    • Listen actively and follow directions quickly.
    • Pay attention during instruction.
    • Respectful to peers and teacher.
    • Share materials when appropriate.
    • Participate in small group lessons.
    • Complete assigned work with accuracy and care.
    • Complete assignments in a timely matter.


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