• 23/24 AHS Course Registration

    Welcome AHS families!  To increase the efficiency in the course selection process for our currently enrolled 9th and 10th graders, we are supplying students and families with materials to help aid in the process of course selection for the 23/24 school year that will take place in student PowerSchool accounts.  Counselors will be in English classrooms the first week of October to help familiarize students with this new process.  There are many advantages to the new technology, such as allowing teachers to provide feedback to students, student ownership in developing goals towards their graduation requirements and more time for families to consider the overall course load a student is selecting.  Students will still have IGPs in 2nd semester to review their course selections with their counselor and parents/guardians and adjust as needed. As we move to the new school calendar that begins July 25, 2023, this technology will help the school be better prepared for next year.

    Please utilize the flow charts below and the course catalog located here: https://www.acpsd.net/Page/34466

    We are asking that each student select 8 courses and 2 alternate selections.  For students interested in the career center, they will choose a full schedule at AHS and then, if they are accepted after they apply to the career center, we will adjust their course needs at that time. 

    Rising Juniors interested in dual enrollment should look at the criteria noted for each program here: https://www.acpsd.net/Page/34465

    ** At this time, students interested in off-campus dual enrollment will only select dual enrollment as an elective class option for the purposes of the course request. If you qualify for the on-campus English 101/102 and College Alg/Prob and Stats, you will find these selections under the English/Math sections in PowerSchool.

    For AICE diploma requirements, students can locate information here: https://www.acpsd.net/Page/54948

    Rising seniors/4th year students will do course selections with their counselor and parents/guardians in their IGPs in November/December.

    Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact your student's counselor!

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.