• Supplies

    The student is required to have the following supplies,

    which must be brought to class each day:

    1. One 1 ½”-2” ringed loose-leaf notebook
    2. Dividers - (Between 5 - 8) - One for each unit/chapter per semester.
    3. Loose-leaf notebook paper
    4. Graph paper
    5. Two pencils, at a minimum.  Mechanical pencils are recommended.   
    6. Red pen for grading
    7. Highlighters (at least 4 colors)
    8. Coloring pencils
    9. Ruler/Straight Edge
    10. Protractor
    11. School issued laptop fully charged (you will receive this sometime during the first week of school.)
    12. A Scientific calculator is recommended for home use.  However, you may also use a free app on your phone which I can show you how to download.   I will have a class set in the classroom for you to use.