• In just 3 years, 30,000 high school girls have discovered the exciting world of cybersecurity and are on track to become the next generation of cyber defenders!

    Due to their inspirational achievements, we’ve boosted, tweaked and fine-tuned every element of Girls Go CyberStart to make sure it helps our female cyber stars advance faster, play for longer and compete for life-changing rewards.

    Girls Go CyberStart is set to continue its mission to inspire and uncover future female talent by featuring as a girls-only community in a new national program - CyberStart America. Members can compete against all CyberStart America players for career- enabling college scholarships while also having an exclusive space to work together and win community-specific rewards.

    In 2021, Girls Go CyberStart was started in Aiken County Public Schools & this year we will have our first team from North Augusta High School. 

    CyberStart America is not just for girls, though. 

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