• Fine Arts: Intermediate Art 

    Dr. Hardin 

    Students at Aiken Intermediate School (brick and mortar) 

    I am dedicated to the well-being of your child and I need your cooperation in helping him/her reach his potential.  Please feel free to contact me by email cmode@acpsd.net with any concerns regarding your child's academic success.  The best time to reach me is 11:00-12:00 M-F. 

     REMIND Code: @artnamsms 

     Tutoring is available Tuesday or Thursday 7:05-7:25 by appointment. 


    This is a beginning level, discipline-based visual arts course where students will explore course content by making real-world connections through art production, art history, art criticism, aesthetics, and their development of artistic voice. Instruction will focus on the elements and principles of art and design. Students will demonstrate competency in a variety of arts vocabulary, media, concepts, tools, skills, and techniques. Students will maintain a portfolio of their artwork and select pieces for presentation and artistic reflection (artist statement, critique, etc.). At the end of this course, students will be expected to show growth in their abilities to comprehend, evaluate, and create art.  

    ART ROOM Expectations for student behavior in class:  

    Bring necessary materials to class.  [Most supplies are provided; however, from time to time, students will be asked to bring items from home.] 

          PENCIL, ERASER, 2-pocket FOLDER, and SMILE!!!! 

     Come into the room quietly and get out your folder, notebook, and/or project. 

    NO food, drinks, or gum allowed. NO hats, no hoods, and no shades. 

    1. Respect the property of others. Do NOT touch the art work or materials of other students. 
    1. Work the entire period. Complete assignments on time. 
    1. Clean up your area before leaving. 
    1. You are not dismissed until the teacher, not the bell, dismisses you. 
    1. Follow Aiken Intermediate school rules. 
    1. Act in a manner that allows the teacher to teach. 


    If classroom or school procedures and rules [agreements] are not followed, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. Please refer to AIS Student Handbook for the “Code of Student Conduct” and “Discipline” Guidelines. This is a school-wide Discipline Plan and is followed by every AIS Teacher. 

    First Offense                 Warning 

    Second Offense             Student and Teacher/Phone Call Home 

    Third Offense                Student, Teacher, and Parent/Lunch Detention, Phone call home 

    Fourth Offense             Student and Administrator

    Fifth Offense                 Student, Parent and Administrator 

    Sixth Offense                Student, Parent and Administrator 

    Seventh Offense            Student, Parent and Administrator 

    Eighth Offense               Student, Parent and Administrator 

    Ninth Offense                 Parent, Administration and district Persons 

    **Severe incident – immediate parent contact and/or discipline referral. 

    **NOTE – The teacher/admin has the right to skip levels of listed consequences. 


    1. Verbal Praise 
    1. Good Notes/Phone Calls Home 
    1. “Treat” of some kind 

    RULES listed in the NAMS student handbook will be addressed according…including dress code 

    Grading Procedures: 

    The breakdown of the grades and PowerSchool codes are as follows: 

    Projects (60%):   MAJOR GRADE Projects include any summative assessments or major projects that the student will complete.  They provide students an opportunity to apply and demonstrate what they have learned.  

    Quizzes  MAJOR GRADEQuizzes are short knowledge-based assessments to ensure the students understand the terms and concepts that are associated with the each unit. 

    Classwork (40%): MINOR GRADE These are random assignments given in class that the students must complete.  These exercises give the students practice in preparation for quizzes and projects. 

    Citizenship MINOR GRADE Signing into class on time. Using Netiquette. Keeping an updated portfolio folder, good judgment, and polite behavior that is expected from a person who is trained to do a job well. 

    Additional Grading Procedures: 

    Sufficient time is given in class to complete all assignments. However, there may be an occasion when work outside of the classroom may be necessary.  In addition, there will be numerous informal assessments throughout the year that will require displaying knowledge and understanding of the concepts through assignments.  PowerSchool is updated within one week of students submitting an assignment unless it is a major project. Most quizzes and tests will be given using the Learning Management System, Schoology.  Students and parents will be able to review grades and comments at any time via PowerSchool. 

      Late Work Policy: 

    Late work will be accepted no later than 2 weeks (14 calendar days) beyond the assignment due date and will be recorded as a 1 at that point. Late work turned in within the first week (within 7 calendar days) will be deducted up to 10 points. These deductions will be made from the final assignment grade. *Students with excused absences will be provided the number of days they were absent for make-up work. 

    Exiting the Art Room: 

           When exiting, ensure that you have updated and stored your portfolio folder in the specified area. 



    Professionalism is defined as the skill, good judgment, and polite behavior that is expected from a person who is trained to do a job well.  I will continually model this and will expect it from the entire class as it is a life skill that is imperative to succeed in today’s workforce.  The keys to being successful include:  

    Work Ethic:  The principle that hard work is automatically worthy of reward. (Skill) 

    Respect:  Admire deeply as a result of abilities, qualities, and achievements. (Good Judgment) 

    Collaboration:  Working with someone to produce something. (Polite Behavior) 

    Any student in violation of one of these procedures will: 

    First offense:  Verbal Warning 

    Second offense:  Parent Phone Call/Email 

    In the event the behavior is determined to be extensive or excessive, the consequences will be greater. All consequences will follow ACPSD and/or AIS Student Code of Conduct policies. 

    *School rules and resulting disciplinary procedures will strictly be enforced.  Please see the Student Code of Conduct for more information. 


    Student Name:  

    (Please Print) 

    Dear Parent or Guardian, 

    Please review the classroom procedures, rules and consequences with your child, and then complete the information below.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at CMODE@acpsd.net. 

    I have read and understand Dr. Hardin’s classroom procedures, rules, behavioral expectations and consequences. 


    (Student Signature)                                                            (Date) 


    (Parent Name – Please Print) 



    (Parent Signature)                                                               (Date) 


    I can be reached at the following phone numbers (please include area code for phone numbers): 

    Parent Email:  

    Home Phone:  ____________________________       Cell Phone:  ____________________________ 

    Please use the space below or on the back to tell me about your child.  This could be any special needs and/or medical problems of which I need to be aware.  In addition, I would love to know what motivates them so we can have a successful year together! 



  • Bring a snack and join other artists!

    Dirty Brushes will meet: September 12

                                         September 26

                                         October 10

                                           October 24

                                         November 7

                                          December 12

    I'll add more dates for 2020 at a later time.

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  • Schools function on the goodwill of parents and community members. As such, the art room is always deeply grateful when we receive donations. Please peruse our wish list and thank you, in advance, for kindness.

    Age appropeiate Art Books and/or Artist Biographies

    8oz styrofoam cups

    Paper towels

    Codes from COKE product (tops, lids, box ends, case wrappers)

    Ironing board

    Spray bottles

    Large cardboard boxes

    Bar soap



    Bright yellow copy paper

    Mini glue sticks

    Thank you for your continued support!!



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