• Contemporary Cultures: 1600 to the Present

    Standard 7-1: The student will demonstrate an understanding of the growth and impact of global trade on world civilizations after 1600.
    • 7-1.1 Compare the colonial claims and the expansion of European powers through 1770.
    • 7-1.2 Explain how technological and scientific advances contributed to the power of European nations.
    • 7-1.3 Summarize the policy of mercantilism as a way of building a nation’s wealth, including government policies to control trade.
    • 7-1.4 Analyze the beginnings of capitalism and the ways that it was affected by mercantilism, the developing market economy, international trade, and the rise of the middle class.
    • 7-1.5 Compare the differing ways that European nations developed political and economic influences, including trade and settlement patterns, on the continents of Asia, Africa, and the Americas.
  • What's Going On in 7th Grade Social Studies March 9-13?

    What is our focus this week?

    We are examining the causes of the Holocaust and its impact on European society and jewish culture during World War II. We will also review how the Treaty of Versailles and reparations on Germany played a role in creating the platform for World War II; specifically failed appeasement strategies and Great Depression pressures. 

     The South Carolina standards we will review are:

    7-4.5 Summarize the causes and course of World War II, including drives for empire, appeasement ...

    7-4.6 Analyze the Holocaust and its impact on European society and Jewish culture, including Nazi policies to eliminate the Jews and other minorities...

     As a result of this week’s activities, students will be able to discuss:

      1. What impact did the Treaty of Versailles have on causing World War II?
      2. In what ways was the policy of appeasement a proven failure in 1939?
      3. What significance did the two theaters of fighting have on the positive and negative changes that occurred during World War II?
      4. In what ways can the world make sure that there is never another Holocaust?


     Monday March 9:       Review materials covered prior week                                     

     Tuesday March 10:       Video refernces  

     Wednesday March 11:   Video references

     Thursday March 12:      Review of materials covered from March 10-11

     Friday March 13:         Review for quiz scheduled March 16

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