• How to submit paper/pencil assignments using Schoology:

    Create the assignment/discussion/quiz


    Teachers can add various learning activities in their Schoology courses: Quiz tools, discussions, and assignments. Students can complete these activties online.

    If you want students to be able to submit paper assignments in Schoology, however, you ensure that the settings in the asignment allow for submissions.

    Enable submission

    Download the app

    Students can turn paper assignments using the Schoology app. Have students download the Schoology app. They should sign in using their student ID and the password MVHS2020. Their courses should already be there.


    Upload a photo from the phone


    Students can take a picture of their paper and pencil assignment and submit it to Schoology for grading.

    Locate the assignment, and click into it. Then click on "Submissions" in the upper toolbar.

    Click on the "Plus" button in the top right corner.

    Select a photo from your camera roll or click on the camera icon to take a picture.

      (If your camera does not activate, be sure to change your privacy settings to allow Schoology to access your phone's camera.)

    When you are satisfied that the right picture is chosen, click on the green check mark at the top of the screen to submit the picture. Be sure to type a title for the picture, the assignment name and point value of the assignment.

    Find information on this here from Schoology Help.