• Welcome to the READ 180 / System 44 Distance Learning Page

    It is recommended that READ 180 and System 44 students continue working in their designated software for 15-20 minutes per day, 3-5 days per week.  Students are also encouraged to complete eReads and quizzes weekly.

    Elementary READ180 / System44 Distance Learning Packet

    Middle/High School READ180 Distance Learning Packet1

    Students are able to access READ 180 and System 44 on a computer or tablet.    

     To access READ 180/System 44: 

    • www.acpsd.net
    • Click "Portals"(globe)
    • Click "Student"(bottom of the page)
    • Each student has his/her own username and password.

    Direct Login Link: READ 180 / Sytem 44 Login

    Suggestions for using the software over the summer.   

    • The software should be used in a 20 minute time segment, one time per day. 
    • Please ensure there is a "learning environment" during the 20 minutes.  Watching TV or other activities are not recommended.
    • A microphone-built in device, or external microphone is required along with ear buds. 

    Follow these directions for use on a tablet.

    1. Download app from App Store.
    2. Go into iPad system Settings.
    3. Click on READ 180 Universal Student App.
    4. Enter h100003165.education.scholastic.com in Site ID field.
    5. Press Home button.
    6. Open app and log in with normal username and password.

    Additional resources: 

    READ 180:

    System 44: 

     If you have questions, contact your READ 180/Syterm 44 teacher by email.