• Welcome to the 8th Grade Distance Learning Page

    Distance Learning Packets (Please note, the linked packets below are identical to the paper packets available for pick-up at school sites.):

    Phase 3 Packets:

    The third and final distance learning packet will be ready for pickup on Friday, May 1st from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. at your child’s school. For all students except our seniors, this packet will cover dates May 4 through May 22, and will be due Wednesday, May 27th.  Specific instructions for drive-thru pickup this Friday will be communicated directly from your child’s school.

    Please communicate with your child’s teacher or principal if your child is unable to complete and turn in the second packet at the time packet 3 is picked up on May 1st. Please know we will work with our families and students to accommodate your needs during this difficult and challenging time.

    Parents should also make plans to pick up any medications remaining at school this Friday, May 1. Information regarding end-of-year processes for your student, such as locker cleanout and turning in textbooks and library books, will be communicated in a separate communication.

    We thank you so much for your continued patience and dedication to helping your children with their schoolwork during these challenging times.

    Phase 2 Information: After Spring Break, on Tuesday, April 14th, Phase 2 of Distance Learning Packets will be ready. In an effort to ensure quality instruction continues through our distance learning format, we have printed packets for our students. Packets will be available for downloading from our website and all schools will have a drive-through pick-up for learning packets from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. Additional details will follow from individual schools regarding the pick-up process. Parents/students have the option to download these packets above. If parents/students choose to download packets at home, please make sure your child’s teacher(s) is notified. Teachers are keeping track to help ensure all students receive their necessary materials.

    Phase 2 Packets:

    Phase 1 Information: The first phase or Phase One of the Distance Learning Packets are due on Tuesday, April 14th. You have the following options for turning in packets from Phase One:

    • You may drop off learning packets when you pick up new packets at your student(s) school on Tuesday, April 14th.
    • Or you may choose to take pictures of assignments and submit them via email to the teacher or teachers.
    • Or, if applicable, students may submit assignments through Schoology.

    Phase 1 Packets:

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