Ms. A. Pearson

Phone: (803) 386 - 1584


Degrees and Certifications:

BA of Secondary Education English Teaching Certification for ELA 7-12

Ms. A. Pearson

Hello! My name is Ms. Pearson, and I currently teach ELA 8 and English 1 Honors. I am excited to get started and work alongside so many wonderful teachers with amazing students.

I graduated from USC Aiken with a BA in Secondary English Education in December of 2019. I have worked alongside many teachers in our district prior to graduating through the Education Program at USCA. I currently live in Graniteville with my wonderful Aunt. Most of my days are spending drinking warm or iced teas, reading, and play the occasional video game. As an English teacher, I am striving to make students see the value of English and literature through all types of media (including video games!). Please contact me if you have any questions about the changes in procedures coming to classroom 304! 




A Message about the Covid-19 pandemic and Distance Learning Education


Charles Dickens starts A Tale of Two Cities with the famous line, "It was best of times; It was the worst of times." This famous literary line is often mocked or quoted on all sorts of occasions, but I cannot think of a better line that suits us now. Dickens is telling us that through this line prosperity will never be matched by suffering and despair. There are many people suffering right now and even more could be at risk. I don't want to make light of their pain and loss in any way. However, I want students and parents to know that there is light and hope out there; just as Dickens stated in the quote. We have a wonderful opportunity in front of us to all work together to pioneer online education as we keep ourselves safe by staying at home. I ask that you hold onto hope and work with me during this time so that the future can shine even brighter than any time before! We can and will get through this.

Parents, I ask that during this time you become involved with your scholar's online education and actively monitor their progress through the 10-Day district learning packet and beyond. Please also remind your children to check Schoology and Teacher webpages frequently during this time. I will be contacting each of you soon with procedures for the near future.


Stay Safe,

Ms. Pearson