Millbrook Elementary School

  • Millbrook Conceptual Design

    Construction of needed classroom space at Millbrook Elementary to address current security concerns is projected to begin in January 2020, and will provide a 20-classroom addition to Millbrook Elementary School.

    This addition will redefine Millbrook Elementary School’s campus, creating a new identity along Pine Log Road. As parents and students approach the school, the entrance will be clearly defined and intuitive. The new addition will also create a secure and cohesive floor plan, connecting the currently separated classroom buildings, and providing secure and deliberate circulation throughout the campus.

    To view the construction documents presentation from October 2019, please CLICK HERE.

October 2019 Construction Documents Presentation

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Architect & Contractor Info

  • Architect: Goodwyn Mills Cawood

    Contractor: TBD

    Delivery Method: Renovation & Additions

    Design Phases and Decisions made with School Stakeholders’ Involvement.

    School Board and Office of School Facilities Approval of Each Phase.

    Continual Renovation and Construction is scheduled to begin in January 2020.

2020 Construction Reports