Resources Available

Please see the following resources available to our Military Families. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Sondra Thomas, Military Community Liaison, by emailing or calling (803) 641-2428, ext. 18043.

  • Free Resource to all military families, all branches grade K-12. Family Moral Welfare and Recreation Booklet that is published quarterly, and includes events, training and recreation ideal at the institute. 

    Military To be the ONE SOURCE that stands ready to assist as you master military life. To give you expert support and information that is proven and practical. To be there, day and night, wherever you are, when you need a trusted voice, private and confidential. To have answers you can depend on in pursuit of your best goals and your best MilLife. To be one dedicated community whose sole mission is you. Military Child Education Coalition, a non-profit organization that identifies challenges that face highly mobile military child, increases awareness of these challenges in military and educational communities, and initiates and implements programs to meet the challenges. Military Interstate Children Compact Commission (MIC3) addresses key educational transition issues encountered by military families including enrollment, placement, attendance, eligibility and graduation. South Carolina Department of Education website. What Are Purple Star Schools? - Blog


  • Exceptional Family Program (706) 787-9300 or (706) 787-9310 For those with a family member, regardless of age, who has a disability which limits that individual’s ability to function on a daily basis and requires on-going counseling, training, education, therapy or treatment.

    Child and Youth Behavioral Military Family Life Counseling Fort Gordon (706) 288-5488, (706) 584-0652 or (706) 833-3896

    Fort Gordon’s School Liaison Officers Melissa Barrickman and Cynthia Bishop can answer additional questions specific to military families. Please send emails to or

    Yolande’ Anderson, Director, Office of Family and Community Engagement, SC Commissioner Designee, Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission, or (803) 734-1598. 

    Dr. Tremekia K. Priester, Education Associate, Office of Student Support Services, Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission, or (803) 734-1423.