• Classroom Policies and Procedures 2019-2020

     Classroom Rules:

    Be respectful.
    Be responsible.
    Be safe.
    Behavior:  It is important we maintain a positive environment in which all students feel safe to communicate, collaborate, and learn.  We encourage and reinforce respectful, responsible, caring, and honest behavior.  We will have a classroom meeting once a week as per the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program to discuss areas of social concern. 

    In my classroom, we will be using behavior punch cards.  Students will earn a “punch” for displaying positive behavior as well as for demonstrating responsibility.  Once all of their punches are complete, they may turn them in for a trip to the treat box. Other rewards include words of praise, positive notes/phone calls home, buddy lunch, and having special jobs in the classroom. 

    Penalties for failing to meet our classroom expectations will be applied fairly but consistently.  Consequences include conferencing with the teacher, a walk and talk at recess, silent lunch, completing a behavior check sheet, or a form of contact to their parents.  I will always write a note in the agenda if a consequence was given and the reason. 

     Homework:  Homework assignments will be written in the student’s agenda daily.  Homework is given daily, Monday- Thursday, and should be placed in the homework folder for me to check.  Studying is an important skill for success in third grade.  Please review all study guides and notebooks sent home and other important content. 

     Thursday Folders:  Important papers go home every Thursday.  Students have a separate folder for important papers which will contain all of the graded papers from the previous week as well as any important papers from the office.  Parents are encouraged to look through each graded paper and examine all correct and incorrect answers.  Correcting mistakes together is an important learning experience for your child.  Once all graded papers are examined, please sign and return the grade slips to school the next day.  You may keep all the graded papers. 

    Absences:  If your child is absent, please feel free to message me on Class Dojo to let me know. However, it is your responsibility to send a signed note upon your child’s return for the reason for the absence.  It can state something like :  “Please excuse my child for being absent on 8-15-19 because she was sick.”  If you have a doctor’s excuse, send that in as well.  I will send that to the office for them to file. 

     Grading:  Numerical grades will be given for Math, Science (80% Science, 20% Health), and Social Studies. 

    A=90-100       B=80-89       C=70-79    D=60-69   F=Below 59

     Lunch:   Our lunchtime is 10:55-11:20.  You are welcome to visit and eat with your child.  The only days we do not allow visitors at lunch are during Early Release Days and during bagged lunch days.  We will let you know of these dates.


    Our specials begin at 7:40 and end at 8:25.  Our schedule is as follows: 

    Monday: Media (Library)

    Tuesday: PE

    Wednesday: Art

    Thursday: Music

    Friday: Health/PE


    Changes in transportation MUST be done so in writing.  Please clip a note to your child’s agenda with the note.  The office will not accept phone calls for changes.

     Contact:  Please feel free to contact me anytime you have any questions or concerns.  You can reach me through email at scorley@acpsd.net or send a note in your child’s folder or agenda.  You may also contact me at   (803) 641-2740 and I will return your call as soon as possible.