• Kelli Kilbourn

    8th grade SC History Advanced Syllabus 2019-2020

    A copy of this syllabus is located on the class page.

    Course: South Carolina History


    Course Objectives:  During the school year we will be learning about South Carolina history and South Carolina's place in U.S. history.  We will do this by engaging in critical thinking activities. We will be using text readings and primary sources to explore history and dig deeply into the information using historical thinking skills and by teaching the Cambridge Attributes.


    Additional Help: Assignments for the week will be posted on the board at the front of the room. This information should be written in the student’s notebook on Monday at the beginning of class. If additional assistance is needed on an assignment, I can be found most mornings by 7:30 and until 3:40 most afternoons. 


    South Carolina Standards and long term plan of the course:

    Introductions to S.C./ U.S History


    Each Standard is broken up by one of six

    Historical Thinking Skills Including:

    Unit 1:  Settlement and Development



    Unit 2:  Revolution and Identity



    Unit 3:  Compromises and Conflict



    Unit 4:  At a crossroads



    Unit 5:  Progress


    Continuities and Change






    Make up workPrompt attendance is expected every day. In the event of an absence from class, making up missed work is mandatory. Students have one week from the time of their return to complete assignments, unless otherwise arranged. Students must ask for make-up work. Work will be allowed to be turned in up until the unit test, after that point it will be assigned a zero.



    Majors: Tests and Projects= 60%

    Minors: Quizzes, classwork, and homework= 40%


    Textbook: South Carolina: The History of an American State. This book will not be issued unless a specific request is made. The on-line book can be accessed through a link on my school web page. We will use a class set of the textbook. We will also use other resources to learn. Many of these can be found on my web page. To access this page go to the AMS school page and click on “teachers”, find my name and click on it. Select “resources” to find vocabulary, reading and links to helpful items.


    Materials:  The following items are required for this class:

    1. Blue/Black Pens /#2 Pencils
    2. A pack of different colored highlighters, pencils
    3. A composition notebook for notetaking
    4. Binder or folder with loose leaf, college rule paper for assignments

    Conduct:  Behavior of becoming a mature, young adult is expected.

    Be Appropriate – You are old enough to know what behavior and language is appropriate.  You will be expected to keep hands and feet to yourself and refrain from all foul language, racial slurs and backtalk.  In other words, my classroom is rated G

    Be Attentive – You are responsible for attaining information given.  You are also expected to be present and engaged from the beginning of class to the end.  Offer ideas, participate in discussions and group activities, and complete your own work. You will need to take notes and pay attention to information in class.

    Be Prepared– Be ready to work when you enter the classroom. Come to class with all necessary materials for success.  Take responsibility for your own learning.

    • It is expected of you to be IN YOUR ASSIGNED SEAT when the TARDY bell rings and working on your bell ringer assignment.

    Be Positive – Enjoy this class, the people in the room, and the opportunity to learn.  If you don’t like something, or disagree with someone, find a way to express it in a respectful manner or keep your thoughts to yourself.  Put forth your best effort for every task.  Give an attempt, not an excuse.

    • You will sleep on your own time

    Behavior Plan:  If your behavior is unbecoming of a mature young adult, the following will happen:

    1. verbal warning/conference with teacher
    2. notification to parent/guardian
    3. written referral/administrative action conference with parent/guardian

    Plagiarism – Plagiarism is a serious offense that will be treated as such.  Any work turned in that is not your own, even if only parts of it are not your own, regardless of where you received the information, will receive a zero.  Repeated offenses will be referred for administrative discipline.  It is up to all of us to maintain the integrity of the classroom.

    Hall Passes: Out of courtesy, please do not ask to leave while I am addressing the group, or class.  You will not be allowed to leave in the first or last 15 minutes of class – use the change of class time.  

    Cell Phones/Electronic Devices: Cell phones/electronic devices are not allowed to be out in my classroom. AT ALL!  Cell phones, electronic devices should be stored in locker.

    Hats: Please no hats, hoods, or sunglasses on during class time.

    Expectations for Class:

    Be on time, be prepared, be respectful, and be responsible.  Everyone has the right to, and should expect to, learn.  Each individual is worthy of respect.  Classroom orderliness is necessary for an effective classroom.  Hard work is necessary to learning.


    1. Enter the classroom quietly, sit down, and start working on the bell ringer.
    2. Use proper hand signals and wait for permission before getting out of your seat.
    3. Clean up behind yourselves when you are done using classroom materials and pick up trash from the floor.
    4. Straighten up the materials that you used and put away notebooks and other books.
    5. Do not shoot paper at the trash basket.
    6. Remain in your seat and be quiet until I dismiss you. The bell does not dismiss you.



    Kelli Kilbourn kkilbourn@acpsd.net


    Remind – I use the Remind App to send out reminders periodically about assignments, tests or events.


    Text @ a8fdbe to the number 81010

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