• Online Instruction

    We are going to an online platform for the next two weeks, you should all receive information in print from the school. We will also be using schoology for most of the lessons, this is where you will submit your assignments.  Remember if you do not remember your password or login it should be your Lunch Number and FCTstudent for password. If you can not remember it you need to send me an email and I will be able to reset it or find your login information. 

    Below are the class codes to login if you have not done so. 

    1st  XKJF-3F27-BHDBK

    3rd FGVR-46WT-KC4XZ

    4th 4D7X-5R3T-QDR8T

    5th K9PV-7JX4-C76RB

    6th VGH3-G3KK-849NB

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Welcome to Marine Science

  • The beach Cuttlefish

    Marine science is the study of the deep sea to shallow coastal oceans: their biology, chemistry, geology and physics. Together all of these fields of science make marine science a richly inter-disciplinary science. The start of this course we will talk about the history of oceanography and what cultures influenced discovery of our oceans. We will then move into a study of how volcanic activity not only affects the ocean but the whole planet.  We will also be looking at how the ocean is driven by the sun and how  the atmosphere affect tides. We will be looking at the different classifications of life in the ocean by taking a birds eye view of marine organisms and how their diversity is as complex as organisms on land. The last part of the class will be conservation and how we can protect the one part of planet that has had little exploration.