• Curriculum used in 4K classroom: Big Day

    1. Big Day for PreK is organized into eight engaging and child-friendly themes.

    2. Learning Without Tears is an innovative letter order and pre-writing curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and promotes easy learning for every letter and every student. Children who are taught with this curriculum consistently demonstrate mastery of key skills by the end of their Pre-K year. The curriculum's explicit, modeled instruction with hands-on, multisensory materials are active teaching strategies that will be delivered to improve results in my classroom this year. 

    As this year progresses, the themes in this early-learning program broaden, and your child will begin to understand more about the world around them. I will be updating this page on a bi-monthly basics informig all parents of what we are working on. If you have any questions feel free to email or call.



    February & March  2020

    Theme:                Awesome Animals & Imagine It Make It!

    Big Idea:              It’s time for “Awesome Animals!” Children love animals so our new theme is an excellent way to help them learn about the characteristics of different kinds of animals, animal homes, and animal life cycles, which are all important concepts in science. There are many things you and your child can do together to explore the world of animals.

    • Start with your own pet, if you have one, to teach your child about pet needs and pet care.
    • Talk about the animals you see around your home. Observe what they look like, where they live, what they eat, and how they move.
    • Teach safety rules for being around animals.
    • Identify the animals you see in books and on the computer and television so your child will learn animal names. In this theme, we will also focus on developing the ability to pay attention. Encourage children to increase their attention by spending time focusing on the natural world together. This will be many children’s favorite theme, so talk with them every day about what they are doing and learning. Teach your child to be kind to animals!

    Reading: letter covered: P, Q, R, S, reading sight word books, answering questions and retelling details from story.

    Math: Continue writing and counting numbers to 20

    Writing: Copying sentences, writing first and last name independently


    Big Idea:              “Imagine It, Make It” is the title of our new theme, which is an exploration of imagination and creativity. Children will share their feelings and ideas through art, dance, dramatic play, building, and music—all of which are important aspects of your child’s development. Here are a few ideas you can use to encourage art appreciation and creative expression at home.

    • Listen to different types of music with your child and talk about how the music makes both of you feel. • Set up a large pad of drawing paper with crayons, markers, chalk or paint so your child can create artwork. You can also use brown paper sacks from the grocery store for children to draw on.
    • Help your child make up imaginative “Once upon a time” stories.
    • Hang up a sheet for a stage curtain and have your child put on a play with friends or siblings. We will also encourage children to take initiative during the theme. This will help them develop the life skill of being willing and eager to try new things. Sing, move, draw, paint, build, and make music with your child!

    Reading: letter covered: T, U,V, W reading sight word books, answering questions and retelling details from story.

    Math: Continue writing and counting numbers to 20

    Writing: Copying sentences, writing first and last name independently

    Concepts: Shows initiative and persistence • Segments onset and rime • Contributes ideas for writing (narrative) • Completes a sentence • Shares a personal experience • Uses theme words • Takes turns speaking • Uses naming words • Counts to 10 • Completes a sentence • Uses theme words • Uses naming words • Uses pronouns • Creates patterns Initiates problem-solving • Cooperates and plays with others • Identifies letter sounds • Uses details in sentences • Uses theme words • Understands meanings of new words • Builds oral fluency











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