• Math Games and Activities with cards

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  • Triangle Products Game

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  • Race To The Finish - Game

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  • Fraction Factors

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  • Auto Addition Game

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  • Free Math Resources to use at home

    *learnzillion.com - short math instructional videos (3-10 minutes) on targeted topics and skills for grades 2-5

    *khanacademy.org -  Instructional videos and lessons, quizzes & tests on a variety of grade level topics. They provide help for parents to get started including sample daily schedules, parent FAQs, an illustrated guide to student registration and an introductory video explaining Khan and Khan kids (an app for kids ages 2-7)

    *www.k5learning.com/free-math-worksheets - downloadable, printable worksheets that can be chosen by grade, topic, and skill

    *www.hmhco.com/learningsupport - At home learning support provides parents with free learning resources including learning activities with lessons, math resources like Math Solutions, Mathia - research based math software, open-ended problems, Math At Work youtube videos, and free downloadable pinterest activities and games.

    *education.com - free math resources that are printable or digital. There are printable worksheets, online games, guided lessons, hands-on activities and games as well as printable workbooks

    *blog.reallygoodstuff.com/11-free-math-sites-for-kids/ - this blog provides links to free math games and activities

    *helpingwithmath.com/resources - free printable resources including worksheets, tables and charts, number lines, flash cards, activities, and puzzles

    *familymathnight.com/resources/ - resources for doing family math nights, but the Learning math for kids section provides links for various math games and activities

    *nrich.maths.org - a variety of math activities listed by age group. Choose "Primary Pupils" then "Maths at Home" to find an article that will help you understand the features of this sections.  Lots of activities and games of various levels specifically designed for home instruction and fun!

    *www.aaamath.com - a free online practice resource that requires no registration. Provides unlimited practice on a variety of topics, concepts and skills. Also provides immediate feedback so students know right away if they are correct and there is no penalty for incorrect answers.

    *mathisfun.com - includes short written tutorials with examples and practice exercises, games, puzzles and worksheets.

    *mathgeekmama.com - this site has lots of free and purchasable resources for all grade levels.  There are articles and resources to help parents with homeschooling, as well as activities and games that you can do with your children.  



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