• On Tuesday, May 14, 2019 the Aiken County Board of Education honored local Financial Advisor John Travis for his financial contributions and support of our Personal Finance program.  It began when South Aiken HS Princiapl Bryan Skipper approached me about teaching the Dave Ramsey Personal Finance class.  Once the financial commitment from John Travis was obtained we began teaching the following number of sections by year listed below:


    12/13 - 2 sections

    13/14 - 3 sections

    14/15 - 3 sections

    15/16 - 4 sections

    16/17 - 4 sections

    17/18 - 4 sections

    18/19 - 3 sections

    19/20 - 5 sections planned

    In 2018-19, Midland Valley HS and North Augusta HS began teaching the course and will again in 19/20 along with Aiken HS and Paul Knox Middle School.  John has donated over $20,000 of his own personal funds to ensure the success of this program and was furthered recognized that evening by receiving the "South Carolina House of Represtatives House Resolution" sponsored by District 84 Representative Ronnie Young.  

    John's contributions are priceless and show he and his wife's extreme commitment to Personal Financial Literacy.  They are most valuable partners with our School District and cannot be recognized and thanked enough.  The commitment to Personal Finance continues with Principal Samuel Fuller and the true benefactors are our students, their future financial status, and society at large.