• Full Circle Technology (FCT)

    FCT is a district grant program created to ensure that technology is available to those teachers who are willing to invest the time it takes to effectively implement technology in the classroom.  Much more than adding a one to one computer element to the classroom, FCT is a shift in the teacher role from "Sage on the Stage" to "Guide on the Side," and a shift in the student responsibility for learning from "Sit and Get" to "Individualized Learning Ownership."  Teachers accepted into the program are trained in the use of technology and instructional technology strategies, provided with a classroom set of devices, offered continuous support, and given a Schoology LMS subscription.

    The purposes are to:

    • improve student academic achievement, including technology literacy.
    • improve the capacity of teachers to integrate technology effectively into curricula and instruction. 
    • optimize teaching time.
    •  Creation of proficient global learners through the use of technology
    • Establishment of a higher degree of student responsibility for learning
    •  Higher levels of student achievement, engagement and rigor
    •  Increased awareness and appreciation of the benefits of technology
    • Increased differentiation in lessons 
    •  Increased technology usage and proficiency  Improved Student Learning" through a paradigm shift


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