Fun Fact and What is Happening in Technology

Panels are beginning to appear in Aiken County!

Panels are coming to Aiken County
  • 9/27 The ACPSD Technology Staff earns the 2018 Warranty Self-Maintainer Award for the 4th year in a row.  This award is only awarded to the top 10% of Self-Maintainers and ACPSD Technology Staff has earned this award each year  as Lenovo Self-Maintainer's.  A special thanks to Nell and Robert for helping us Shine!


    6/26 This Day in Technology History

    6/13 We are busy getting ready for the 2019-2020 school year!  I know summer just began, but trust me it will fly by!

    5/23 EOY Checkout Procedures for Teachers!

    5/23 EOY Checkout Procedures for Principals!

    5/23 Who has to fill out paperwork if they plan on taking any technology equipment home with them for the Summer?  Everyone!  This form has to be completed and approved by your Supervisor.  Technology Loan Form


    5/17 Teachers if your Smart Notebook Software has recently expired, here are the steps to re-activate your subscription.  

    • Right Click the Smart Icon on the taskbar.

    • Select "Check for Updates and Activation"

    • On the SMART Notebook line click on "Manage" Button

    • Select the Product Key List, then click on " Manage Selected Product Key" towards the bottom of the box.

    • Select check for "Product Key renewels and apply them" and the click next

    • The Subscription should not be active until 2022.

    Exciting News for Teachers district Wide!

    Aiken County Public School District will be rolling out the SMART Learning Suite this summer - look for additional emails and training opportunities!

    Learn more at


    5/3 This day in Tech History Dell Computers was founded by Michael Dell, who in 1984 was running a direct-to-order PC company from his college dorm room.   The Techno giant eventually became the largest manufacturer of PCs in the world for many years.  Dell computers is still a power house along with other computer giants like HP and Acer.



Welcome Back 2019-2020

  • The beginning of school is always super busy and the 2019-2020 school year did not disappoint! 

    At a glance here are some of the things your Technology staff have been busy doing since Day 1!

    1) Installed 6 new Math 180 Labs in Middle Schools.

    2) Installed an additional workstation in each 1st grade classroom district wide.

    3) Installed NEW computers in labs all over the district to replace legacy systems.

    4) Started rolling out a password reset portal for users to reset their own passwords.

    5) Individual logins for Technology work orders so you get emails as progress is made on your ticket.

    6) Installed new panels in over 61 classrooms.

    7) Closed nearly 5700 trouble tickets.

Technology - New Summer 2019

  • 7/15 Elementary School Camera Project is well underway - Another quality project by Technology!

    camera install

    6/26 Laptops here, Laptops there, Laptops everywhere!  We are in the process of reimaging most of the districts laptops carts and replacing batteries in some of our FCT carts.

    6/26 More Cable Management has been installed today at Millbrook Elementary.

    6/26 Aiken Middle is now Aiken Intermediate School and we have been working really hard to remove old technology and install new technology!  We have upgraded the labs and some of the teacher stations.  We are excited how things are looking for the new school year!

    6/13 We are in clean up mode as schools are cleaning out all those nooks and scrannies getting rid of all the old unused, broken equipment.

    6/11 Several Labs Around the District received some much needed Cable Management - Redcliffle, AIS, Belvedere.

    6/11 Byrd Elem and Jackson Middle School Received new Media Center Computers.

    6/10 Lots of Moving Furniture and Equipment this week as several schools are under construction, being painted, or getting new flooring.

Fun Facts & What's New in the World of Technology

  • 5/1 Look at the Technology Upgrade Millbrook Elem recently received in their Media Center! Millbrook Elem


    4/27 Did you know the first YOUTUBE video was uploaded on April 23, 2005?  Click the link to view "See me at the Zoo".

    4/23 Did you know that each Technology Specialist that provides end user support for ACPSD currently has a minimum of 4 schools along with other duties.  These same folks are also the  same staff that do all school upgrades/deployments, equipment repairs, new school construction installs, and decommissions.  When we have a full staff it is 13 people!  Wow, this is an awesome group of folks - love on your end-user support staff today!

    4/23 This week in tech history:  Apple releases the first iPad!  Read more at

    4/23 A Shout out to the Networking and Technology Specialist for a complete rollout of Phase 2B at AHS in just 4 days!  Even more impressive is the fact that D Wing, E Wing, F Wing Office, and the James Taylor Wings were decommissioned in 6 hours.  Way to go Staff!

    4/4 Mustang Pride is flying high with new technology in the Media Center - Students are loving the "NEW" fresh look this new design brings to the Media Center but most of all - "they are so much faster"!

    MVHS Media Center

The Old World Gets Connected
  • May 23, 1903 Paris, France, and Rome, Italy are connected by telephone for the first time.  I'm sure the sound quality was no where near what we have today in 2019 with VOIP (Voice over IP) but still pretty amazing!