Meet The Planning Committee

  • stowe


    ISPC Plaque

  • From conception, Aiken Intermediate School was created and designed by a group of parents, teachers, community members and Aiken County Public School District staff to ensure our rising sixth-grade students would have the best possible learning experience and environment. This group worked tirelessly throughout the past year, under the leadership of Dr. Randy Stowe, to brainstorm ideas, met with a panel of current middle school students to listen to their ideas of how to make this a great school, traveled to an intermediate school to see the day-to-day opportaitons and learn from experts, and put a plan into action.  

    Thank you to the following AIS Planning Committee members for your time and dedication!  

    Fran Altringer

    Laura A. Bacon, Ph.D.

    Stephanie Behrendt

    Erin Besser, Ph. D.

    Christy Bryant

    Margaret Brown

    Kandace Cave

    Patsy Davis

    Phyllis Gamble

    Jeanie Glover

    Brian Goldshmidt

    Jennifer Hughes

    Eric Johnson

    Seneca Johnson

    Alecia Page Kinard

    Art Lader

    King Laurence

    Michelle Lorio

    Paula Luther, M.D.

    Denise McCray

    Larry Millstead

    Teresa Mitchem

    Merry Glenne Piccolino

    Bethany Reesor

    Rashad Roland

    Amanda Sievers

    Russell Stillinger

    Lance Stockton

    Randy Stowe, Ph.D.

    Trina Stukes-Williams

    Michael Truitt