• Course Offerings

    Aiken Intermediate School students will be taught in a teaming environment made up of teams of four. Teaming helps students develop strong relationships with teachers and classmates and enhances their learning experience. There will be a variety of exploratory courses offered, allowing students to try new and exciting courses to find out where their interest lies.     

    Core Courses Available include:  

    ELA, Advanced ELA, Math, Advanced Math, Pre-Algebra, Social Studies, Advanced Social Studies, Science, and Advanced Science

    Exploratory Courses Available include:

    Art, *Band, Chorus, Dance, Keyboarding/Computer Applications, Music, *Orchestra, Physical Education, Theatre, and World Language

    *Denotes year-long courses. 

  • Meet The Teachers

    AIS is excited to announce the following teachers that are dedicated to helping each sixth-grade student thrive in their education! There are still open positions, and as they become filled by the best candidates, this list will be updated. 

    ELA: Alexis Beachum Leasure, Patrick Spears, Blakely Williams, Valarie McGahee, Denise Ashley

    Math: Margaret Brown, Cristine Raines, Tyve Walthour-Corley, Amanda Landaverde, Mark Cota

    Science: Dr. Laura A. Bacon, Lalisa Folk, Taneika McDowell, Priscilla Summerford, Ayanna Brown

    Social Studies: Julie Coleman, Allison Bennett, Megan Whisnant, Terri Everett, Gordon Gaskill

    Special Education: Erica Caldwell, Kelley Kirkland, Jarrod Longfellow

    Exploratory Classes: Tabitha Laudenschlager, Art; Allison Schweickert, Band; Christy Williams, Dance; Kim Pruiett, Music; Genny Nelson, Strings/Orchestra; Birgit Weeks, German; Will Howard, Physical Education and Health; Greg Tanks, Business & Technology