• Instructions for Chemistry Webquest.

    1. Download the word file "Chemistry Webquest" to your computer. 

    2. After it's downloaded, rename the file with your last name and period number.  For instance, if your name is John Smith and you're in 4th period, you would name the file "Smith 4th".  Right click on the file name and select "re-name" to re-name the file.

    3. Use the links in the webquest to research the answers.

    4. Fill in the answers on the word file you've downloaded.

    5. *At the end of the period*, make sure to save your answers to the downloaded word file.

    6. Then, finally, upload the file to your one drive, which is in your Office 365.  (Ms Beasley will have your logins if you need it)

    7. If you need to work on the webquest a 2nd day, you will login to Office 365, and open the saved word file in "Word Online."

    8. Once you've finished the webquest, "share" it with Ms Beasley.  Click on the "share" button in the upper right hand side of Word Online, and then type in Ms Beasley's name.