• Registration for spring ACVA courses opens on December 5th and registration for VSC courses opens on January 11th. Registration closes on January 25th and courses begin on February 1st. 

    If you are interested in ACVA or Virtual SC courses, please follow the steps below:

    1) Meet with your counselor to determine if you are eligible for an online course.

        Ms. Jeffery: A-B (12th)

        Ms. Fox: C-Gl (9th-12th) and A-B (11th)

        Ms. McBride: Gn-Le (9th-12th) and A-B (10th)

        Ms. Stapleton: Li-R (9th-12th)

        Ms. Burton: S-Z (9th-12th) and A-B (9th)

    2) Once you have met with your counselor, go to www.virtualsc.org to create an account.

        The sign up box on the top right corner will allow you to create an account. 

    3) Fill out all the registration information. Incomplete applications will not be processed. 

        After selecting your password, make sure to click on the "I'm not a robot" button and complete the captcha.

        Then your account will be created. You will automatically be directed to your dashboard where you can request a course.

    4) On the left-hand side, select Request Courses. ACVA courses are listed under District Course Franchise. 

    *** If a course is offered through ACVA, students should choose these courses before selecting Virtual SC courses.

    5) Complete the ACVA/VirtualSC Student Contract with your counselor.

         Once the contract has been turned in, your counselor will approve or deny you for the course appropriately.

         The form can be picked up in guidance or printed here: Virtual Permission Form

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