• If you’re an aspiring college athlete looking for a scholarship, it is not only important to know how to get recruited and the best ways to stand out, but also which athletic association is best for you. By learning the difference between the NCAA and the NAIA, you will gain insight into how many scholarships are available, where scholarships come from and the restrictions regarding scholarships in each association. This information is valuable to the potential scholarship athlete.

    The NCAA was formed in 1906 and is a larger association representing bigger schools and universities. NCAA schools are organised into three divisions, D1, D2, and D3.  Division 1 schools are typically the largest universities, and compete in a minimum of 14 sports for both males and females. These schools often have world-class facilities, attract the top athletes in the country, and receive the most media attention.  Division 2 schools are smaller than D1 schools, and student athletes usually finance their education with a combination of athletic and educational scholarships.  Division 3 schools are the smallest of the NCAA institutions. D3 schools are not allowed to offer athletic scholarships.  To register with the NCAA or to find additional information and resources, please visit the NCAA's Eligibility Center Website.

    Tools for Academic Athletes Interested in Playing NCAA Athletics

    Student athletes who are interested in taking their games to the next level should work with parents to investigate the links to corecoursegpa.com to enter your academic information for eligibility purposes.  It automatically calculates core GPA for the NCAA and NAIA.  KNOW WHAT YOU NEED TO PARTICIPATE IN COLLEGE ATHLETICS!  IT INVOLVES MORE THAN JUST SKILL! Parents and students using Corecoursegpa.com should use the following information when creating an account:  School ID of 410025 and the School Code of 704470072

    THEN, jump on over to FreeRecruitingWebinar.org to find ways to get noticed by college coaches.  It is up to you to guide your future.

    recruiting   Click HERE for the direct link to the South Carolina webinar page.  

    The NAIA was established in 1937 and is a smaller association. It is made up of smaller 4-year colleges throughout the United States, and competitive levels are comparable to NCAA D2 schools. There are equally talented players in the NAIA and NCAA D2 schools, and both have excellent opportunities for education and athletic achievement.To register with the NAIA or to find additional informationa and resources, please visit: http://www.naia.org/