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    The Aiken Scholars Academy is pleased to announce the implementation of our Lunch and Learn Career Series. The purpose of the Lunch and Learn Career Series is to expose our Scholars to emerging and unique careers within the sixteen SC Career Clusters.

    We are asking talented professionals who are leaders in their fields to share information about their careers with our scholars. We believe that career exploration experiences and opportunities can improve academic performance. In addition to improving our scholar’s knowledge of career options, career exploration encourages them to develop and work toward deliberate goals during their critical high school years.

    Our goals are:

    • To provide scholars with a comprehensive understanding of opportunities at key transition points and translate these effectively into appropriate decisions and actions
    • To provide scholars with the relevant career information, advice and guidance that aligns with their post-secondary goals
    • For scholars to develop positive attitudes towards study and work
    • For scholars to evaluate their own strengths and to build on their own areas for development
    • To help scholars fully engage in career planning
    • For scholars to understand and develop the skills that are required to be successful in their future pathway

     A critical component of our Lunch and Learn Series is the valuable service provided by individuals who take time out of their busy schedules to come to speak to our scholars during our Lunch and Learn sessions. We would like to invite you to come support our scholars in our inaugural year by participating in our Lunch and Learn Series as a Guest Speaker. Our scholars would really appreciate your time and support as they navigate the path to College and Career Readiness.

    Please fill out the ASA Scholar Lunch and Learn Participation form below if you are willing to come visit our scholars as a Guest Speaker. 

               Guest Speaker Participation Form

    Thank you in advance for your willingness to give back to our scholars!