Also, students, you can easily keep up with your assignments for me through Schoology. As a reminder, your Username is your ID number (what you input to get lunch :-), and the password unless you have already changed it is AHS2020. This has always been a way to see assignments in my class, but now it can be our go-to source for everything English!









    All assignments and handouts are updated daily on my Schoology page.


    Daily Schedule:


    1st period:        English 3 Honors

    2nd period:       AP English Lit/Comp

    3rd period:        AP English Lit/Comp

    4th period:        English 3

    5th period:        Planning

    6th period:        Planning

    7th period:        English 3



    Mrs. Taylor’s Supply List:


    • Binder with dividers (you may “share” this with another class)
    • Loose-leaf paper
    • Non-red ink pens
    • #2 pencils
    • USB drive (optional, but highly recommended)




    General Classroom Rules:

    1. Be on time.  You should be seated, quiet and ready to workwhen the tardy bell sounds.
    2. Come prepared. You should have all necessary materials with you when you come to class.
    3. Stay seated until you are dismissed from class.
    4. Do not bring any food or drink into the classroom (water is allowed).
    5. Do not cheat. Both those who take others’ work and those who share their work with others will be punished.
    6. Treat all school property (textbooks, desks and any other materials furnished by the school) with care.
    7. Treat your classmates and school staff with respect.
    8. Speak clearly, using proper English.


    Make-up PolicyYou are required to make up any missed writing assignment, test or presentation within 5 days. Missed tests will be given either before or after school at a time agreeable to both of us (not during class). Work missed due to unexcused absences will be given an automatic zero and you will not be allowed to make those assignments up.

    • The 5-day policy does not include tests, quizzes, essays or project work that had a pre-assigned date. That is, if you are absent the day an essay is due, be prepared to turn in your completed essay the day you return to school.
    • It is your responsibility to find out about missed assignments. All assignments will be recorded on the “Weekly Assignments” sheet at the front of the classroom. All handouts and applicable assignment information will be in your class binder next to the “Weekly Assignments” sheet at the front of the classroom. These assignments are also available on our school’s website.
    • I do not accept late daily or quiz work. Late essay, test and project work will receive a 30 point deduction.


    Extra Credit work:             Extra credit work will only be offered to students who have completed all other assignments. If you have completed all your work and still have a C and want it to be a B, I will gladly give you extra credit. But unless you have completed every assignment, do not ask!


    Discipline:            All discipline policies outlined in the Student Code of Conduct will be followed in class.  In addition, please note the following specific rules that must be followed in my classroom:

    1. Under no circumstances should you try to discuss your grade with me during class. See me after class for this.
    2. There is no talking allowed during announcements.
    3. If you are late to class because you had to get materials you need for that day, you will be considered tardy. Do not ask me for an exception. Take the tardy and don’t let it happen again.
    4. Plagiarized work will receive a zero and may not be redone. If you do not understand what plagiarism is, see me!
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