• For Unit One, the following indicators will be introduced:

    RL.5.1- Ask and answer inferential questions to determine meaning; refer explicitly to the text to support inferences and conclusions.
    RL.6.1- Determine the development of a theme within a text; summarize using key details
    RL.8.1b - Explain the influence of cultural, historical, and social context on characters, setting, and plot development
    RL.9.2- Explain how the author’s choice of words, illustrations, and conventions combine to create mood, contribute to meaning, and emphasize aspects of a character or setting.

    Independent Reading:

    RL.13.1 – Engage in whole and small group reading with purpose and understanding.
    RL.13.2 – Read independently for sustained periods of time to build stamina.
    RL.13.3 – Read and respond according to task and purpose to become self-directed, critical readers and thinkers.

    Writing Workshop:

    W.3.1- Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective techniques, well-chosen details, and well-structured event sequences.
    C.1.1- Explore and create meaning by formulating questions, engaging in purposeful dialogue with peers and adults, sharing ideas and considering alternative viewpoints.
    C.1.2 – Participate in discussions; ask and respond to questions to acquire information concerning a topic, text, or issue.
    C.1.3 – Apply techniques of articulation, adequate volume, eye contact, facial expressions, posture, gestures, and space; take one’s own turn in a respectful way.
    C.1.4 – Engage in focused conversations about grade appropriate topics and texts; build on ideas of others to clarify thinking and express new thoughts.
    C.1.5 – Explain personal ideas and build on the ideas of others by responding and relating to comments made in multiple exchanges.