• ELA  Syllabus


    Course work is designed to facilitate the South Carolina State Standards which will help your child become a stronger reader, writer, speaker, and thinker.  We will work on grammar, vocabulary, public speaking, and most importantly, confidence to use improved skills in high school and beyond.  I will follow all Aiken County and Aiken Middle School guidelines, policies, procedures, and expectations.


    Fundamental course concepts

    -cite evidence to support literal and inferential interpretations of multiple text types

    -use a writing process to produce clear and coherent writings specific to task and audience

    -acquire academic and domain-specific vocabulary through a range of strategies in order to demonstrate and understand how words shape content and meaning

    -analyze the development of theme in literature and central ideas in informational texts

    -research concepts, synthesize information from multiple sources, and communicate ideas using multiple modalities



    In addition, my personal classroom expectations are the 4 B's            BE PRESENT   BE RESPONSIBLE   BE RESPECTABLE    BE AWESOME

    Students are asked to keep a neat interactive notebook and a pen or pencil and a trade book with them in class each day.  Homework is to read twenty minutes each afternoon or night.

    Gator coins, reward cards, positve calls and notes home are used to reinforce positive behaviors and growth mindset.  Verbal warnings, phone calls home, detention, and write ups are consequences for not meeting expectations.

    Grades for summative assessments are entered into powerschool.  Please always feel welcome to contact me at DDURHAM@acpsd.net for questions or clarifications.  I am available before school, during 7th period, and after school with prior notice to meet with parents or students needing extra attention.


    1st nine weeks


    Literary reading and narrative writing


    2nd nine weeks

    standards-RI5, RI6, RI9,W2,W5

    Informational text and informational/expository writing


    3rd nine weeks

    standards-RI6, RI8, RI11,W1,W4

    Informational text and argumentative writing


    4th nine weeks

    standards-review all/prepare for SC Ready Reading and Writing


     Let's DO this!!!!


     Weekly Lesson Plans

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