1. Students shall not photograph or videotape other individuals at school or at school sponsored activities without their knowledge and consent, except for activities considered to be in the public arena such as sporting events or public performances. 
    2. Students shall not e-mail, post to the internet, or otherwise electronically transmit images of other individuals taken at school without their expressed written consent. 
    3. Use of cellular phones or other personal electronic devices is strictly prohibited in locker rooms and restrooms. 
    4. Assuring academic integrity: Students shall not use cellular phones or other electronic devices in any way that may cause a teacher or staff member to question whether the student may be cheating on tests or academic work or violating copyright and standardized testing policies.
    5. Compliance with other district and school policies: use of cellular phones or other personal electronic devices must not violate any other district and/or school policies, including those regarding student privacy, copyright, cheating, plagiarism, civility, student code of conduct, electronic technologies acceptable use, or harassment. If a violation occurs involving more than one district and/or school policy, consequences for each policy will apply. 

    Office telephones are available throughout the school day for emergencies, and before and after school and during Power Hour for students who need to call parents. Parents may also contact students through the office. Students must obtain a hall pass to use the office telephone. Family members needing to contact students during class time should contact the office, which in turn will get in touch with the student. 

    Due to the evolving nature of emerging technologies, additional rules and regulations may be added throughout the school year. 

    Any unauthorized activation or use gives administration a reasonable basis to take the phone for the balance of the day (at a minimum) and to view the last activity, including texts or browser visits to see if there has been a related discipline violation (such as cheating; taking pictures; inappropriate website visits, etc.).