• SAHS Power Hour

    SAHS Power Hour is the hour for students to eat lunch and participate in structured or individual learning time. Power Hour is a privilege that may be revoked at the discretion of administration. Students are encouraged to use this time to seek out additional assistance from a teacher, participate in study groups, utilize resources, and participate in club activities. Students in danger of failing a course will be issued an academic invitation wherein he/she will be encouraged to attend sessions with a teacher to receive academic support.  Students who fail to attend sessions based on academic invitations may be placed under Administrator Contract requiring attendance at an academic session and will be issued consequences for failure to comply with the contract.  Administration will utilize PowerHour at various times throughout the school year to host assemblies for small groups or grade level groups of students according to need.  

    We encourage all students to help keep our school clean during Power Hour by discarding all lunch trash.  All school and district Code of Conduct rules should be adhered to during Power Hour.  Parking lots, auditorium, athletic fields and other outside areas, with the exception of the courtyard, are off limits during Power Hour.  Students who abuse Power Hour by loitering in unauthorized areas or violating policies are subject to discipline. Students may not leave campus during Power Hour unless they follow the appropriate sign out procedures through the attendance office.  

    ** Students may not accept lunch deliveries at school from parents, other students or businesses.