• Students have 5 minutes to change classes.  Students are encouraged to go to lockers before school, after school, or on the way to lunch to avoid arriving tardy to class. Late students should report directly to the tardy station and follow the procedures for obtaining a tardy pass to class. Students must receive their tardy pass within 5 minutes of the late bell and must report to class within 10 minutes of the tardy.  Students who are more than 10 minutes late to class, unexcused, will be sent immediately to In-School Suspension by security monitors or faculty.  

    Any student who has accumulated 42 or more tardies in a semester will report directly to ISS upon receipt of a tardy pass regardless of what time they arrive at the tardy station.  Students will need their SAHS badge to access the tardy system and receive a printed pass to class. Students who do not have a SAHS badge will be issued a temporary badge at a cost.   

    Once a tardy pass has been printed, students should report immediately to class, allow the teacher to collect the tardy pass, report to their seat, and get into the lesson. Tardy students should not engage the teacher upon entering the classroom. At the end of class tardy students may speak with the teacher regarding the tardy. Teachers will enter all tardy attendance in PowerSchool and discipline referrals for tardies in ABE.  Teachers will not allow student in to their classroom without a pass.   

    Students who arrive to school on a late bus should report to attendance for an excused pass to class. Students who arrive to school after 8:25 should sign-in through attendance and get a pass to class, the attendance clerk will determine if the tardy is excused or unexcused. Students should sign the In/Out book and leave their tardy pass with the teacher. Teachers will record all tardies in PowerSchool.