• Students who arrive at school after 8:25 should report directly to the Attendance Office, turn in an excuse, sign in, and get an excused or an unexcused tardy pass from the Attendance Clerk.  Students who arrive tardy on a late bus should report to Attendance and get a pass to class.  A student who misses his/her assigned bus in order to ride a later bus will be unlawfully tardy to school if that bus arrives late.  Eating school breakfast does not excuse a tardy.

    Other than students arriving on late buses, any student arriving late to school will be considered unlawfully tardy without an excuse in writing from a doctor or from the court.  While traffic jams, car trouble, flat tires, slow carpools, and oversleeping do happen, excessive instances will be coded as unexcused.  

    Students who need to leave school early or temporarily must be signed out in the attendance office in person by a parent or a person empowered by the parent on the student's registration card – if the person is not on the registration card, we cannot contact them.  Students with an appointment who have parent’s permission to drive from school to the appointment must bring a note to school signed by the parent, with a contact phone number, so an administrator can verify with the parent and sign off.  All attendance requirements pertain to all students regardless of age, unless the student is emancipated and the school has documentation on file.  Parent letters requesting routine dismissals will not be approved by administration.